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EV Couplers and EV Adapter Plates

About Us

We are a small macine shop located in Valdosta, Georgia. We have been in the business of building affordable EV Adapter Plates and EV Couplers for over 15 years. We build custom EV adapter plates and EV couplers to convert your car to electric. We started out by converting the Type 1 VWs from the 50s through the 70s. Since then we have expanded to building them for any car that you would like to convert to electric. We work closely with each customer for the build and we stand behind all of our work. 

My First conversion

My first conversion was on my 74 VW Beetle. By trial and error on my personal car I was able to convert from a gas engine to an electric motor with my adapter and clutchless coupler system. I built a clutched coupler to start with and then built a clutchless coupler and I prefer the clutchless over the clutched system. Clutched or clutchless has been a debate for years and years but I can tell you there is no difference in shifting at all. Since that time I have built hundreds of Adapters and Couplers for people all over the US and the world, even a set for a motor boat in the Netherlands! I am well known in the Electric conversion blogs.

Custom EV Adapter Plates and EV Couplers

I've designed an inexpensive system that anyone can afford. Contact me by phone (229) 474-3837 or email at and we can get started on your custom conversion. Adapter Plate and Clutchless Coupler prices are approximately $600-$800 plus shipping per set for most conversions or can be purchased separately. Contact us for exact pricing for your conversion.

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